Electroworx Automotive Electrical Services


As mobile auto electricians, we aim to provide an exceptional service with the customer’s satisfaction as our main priority. We recognise that automobiles play a very important role in day to day lives of individuals and often, we are reliant on vehicles for travel, work and more. For this reason, our mission is to assist our customers in the best way we can, without allowing for any further delays in auto repairs.

Mobile Auto Electrical Repairs:

Examples may include instances where ABS Light is on, Air bag light is on, Battery draining occurs overnight, Blinker not working, Brake light is not working, Car is not starting, Car stays running when turned off, Clicking noise when trying to start the car, Fan speed control is not working, Headlights do not change from low to high beam, High beam is not working, Indicator not working, Power outlet is not working, Traction control light is on, Turn signal light is not working, Window switch is not working, Window is moving up or down very slowly, Window is not working, Wipers are not working, AC is not working, Air is not coming out of vents, Battery light is on, Brake warning light is on, Car does not shift from park to drive, Car is overheating, Check engine light is on, Door does not lock or open.