Full Designs wristbands

Full Designs Inc. is one of the largest designers and manufactures of emblematic jewelry and accessories in the world, which is the unique supplier for custom production, innovative products, company identity and gifts. Full Designs wristbands were named after the company name, because the name and their logo were both debossed on these blank wristbands cheap, without any color filled, these Full Designs wristbands themselves are stable blue, matched such kind of dedossed fonts, made them simple and generous. This batch of Full Designs wristbands can uesd for company promotions, or as souvenirs, they are a good choice no matter for what kind. Whether you want to get custom wristbands online or customize, please try to contact with GSJJ.


Custom wristbands Size: 8″*”1/2″


Thickness: 1.5mm


Style: Debossed with no color filled wristbands