Hobart Walking Tours

Why choose us?

Hobart Walking Tours is now covering 6 different tours in Hobart alone. As more and more people like the concept of slow walk besides exploring the past events and heritage, we are consistently growing. The most appealing fact for our guest is we have guides today who assist them throughout the walk. Whether it is Hobart cruise ship tours or wine tours, with a fact-checker, we focus on each little and big things that were happening around. So, in brief, what you would get from us are-

  • Exploring the city at ground level.
  • Stay up-to-date with the busy roads.
  • A slow walk to explore the hidden stories, elegant buildings.

Instead of being limited to arranging tours, we started sharing our experience of Hobart historic walking tours and spent a number of days working on research, stories and content.

Tours we arrange:

  • Small group city history walk
  • Small group alcohol tasting walk
  • Small group café tour
  • Small group evening tour
  • Small group Battery Point Walking Tour
  • Small group Gallows walk