Pilates Fit Perth

If you like to dance we have Barre. If you like traditional we have Pilates mat, Reformer and Yoga. If you want cardio and body chiseling we have Pilates stick, Boxilates and for strength training for even the fittest, we have TRX Suspension trainer. Our Clients enjoy the passion and dedication of our team of instructors who all live and breathe Pilates, Yoga and wellbeing! The PFP Community we call it real people, real bodies, passionate people, all sharing a space each day to work their bodies Pilates Fit-style.Over 700 Beginners start with us each and every year, learning from the most qualified and highly educated instructors helping you sculpt your body. We make the first step easy, friendly for the beginner, we make the second step even better and then you simply want more every day! Functional movement and fitness is enjoyable at PFP come and join us!