Start Towing

Are you dealing with the sudden breakdown of your car? The first thing that will cross your mind in this situation is undoubtedly how to transport the vehicle to the repair shop without causing any more damage to it. With Start Towing, things are meant to go smooth no matter how big your trouble is.

We are running the business for 6-7 years now, and within this time, we have been successful in keeping our clients happy. We have a fleet of the best towing vehicles that we put to use for damage car removals in Sydney ensuring your vehicle remains protected while we are towing.

Apart from this, we have a dedicated team for inspecting the level of the damage in the car and offer you the service of cash for car removal in Sydney at the best rate possible. Check out some of the crucial factors that makes our services stand out from the rest.

Our Services:

• Car Towing
• Removing broken down car
• Buying and selling the damaged vehicles

Why Choose Us:

• We provide 24-hour towing service in Sydney
• We have the most extensive car scrap yard in Australia that ensures you can get the best deal from us
• We offer no obligation free online quote provided by our car removal specialists
• We provide our clients with legal second-hand vehicle purchase declaration for those who do not have a legal certificate of registration
• We buy unwanted and damaged trucks and cars in Sydney
• We also take care of the unwanted car removal in Sydney in the fastest and hassle-free way possible
• We have a team of punctual, efficient and honest professionals working for us