Technology on Tap

The 21st century is full of innovation and digital exposure. We are seen dealing with digital devices every day that offers us convenience and endless entertainment. Technology On Tap is capturing the full potential of the information age and turning it into convenience and comfort for your family and home. We provide complete home automation systems that will give you and your family a peace of mind and comfort knowing that your home is safe and secured at a touch of a button.

With our CBUS smart home system, you are in complete control of your home and set it the way you want to adapt to your lifestyle! By getting your smart home to automatically carry out the tasks, you are able to focus on other things that will enhance your health and happiness. Get your home to self-control:

  • Lighting
  • TV/ audio/ visual/ entertainment systems
  • Security systems
  • Air conditioning
  • Energy metering systems

A woman holding a tablet with smart home screen.

Technology On Tap also specialises in IT services such as consulting, management and web design services in Sydney. Whether you have a small or large size business online, we can help you save money and provide technical IT support. We can offer you a more affordable and instant IT support instead of dedicating a full-time team that can be costly.

Contact our friendly team today on 02 9517 1726 for a free and quick consultation on how we can help you improve your family and home lifestyle. Or simply shoot us an email via for more information.