Tesselaar Flowers

Tesselaar Flowers deliver quality wholesale flowers across Australia. Operating out of Monbulk, they source the best peonies, roses, dahlias – basically whatever flower you want from the biggest range in the country. Providing for business and personal customers, flowers are available from the flower market or delivered to your door.

Wedding flowers are Tesselaars speciality; they understand the challenges associated with weddings and events and are uniquely positioned to help florists, event planners and brides alike to navigate the process of understanding what flowers they want, what is available, when to order and the many other factors inherent to the situation. This includes online ordering, expert support, and forward-date ordering.

wedding flowers

The website allows you to search the Tesselaars warehouse in real time (updated every half an hour), which means that you know when you are ordering that what you have ordered is actually in stock! You can discover prices by registering for a free account and know that those prices are as delivered to you.

The quality of the flowers Tesselaars deliver is the best in the country, due to their experience and commitment to flower handling best practises. From the farm to your hands, your flowers are treated, kept cool and handled properly. Where possible your flowers will be delivered in water and, because heat is damaging to flowers, Tesselaars minimise any time out of refrigerated environments, including at their famous flower market. That sure beats an old bunch of flowers that have been sitting in the door of a supermarket, getting hot, thirsty and wind damaged!


Tesselaars use a sophisticated ordering system that ensures they do not just bulk order flowers and hope for the best. This practise would lead to old flowers that, once you get them, won’t last as long as you want them to. Instead, get the best value flowers for your hard-earned money, backed up by the Tesselaars team – who are expert florists and know the unique and complex issues that come hand-in-hand with a perishable product such as flowers.

Experience the beauty, colour and freshness Tesselaars wholesale flowers in person at the flower market or take advantage of the convenience of ordering online at whatever time of day is convenient to you, safe in the knowledge that you’re ordering from the oldest family-owened flower business in Australia.