W & S Auto Repairs

Do you have a family doctor? If yes, why do you prefer to have one? The answer is simple – Because he is aware of your past medical conditions and understands your physical health very well.

Similarly, it is important to have a service centre that can understand the health of your car. But, for this, you must visit it on a consistent basis, so that the mechanics working there can be well-versed with the peculiar conditions of your car. Now, to make such commitment, you have must know about the most dependable and modern workshop in your town.

To remove all your confusions, we introduce ourselves as the leading auto electrical service centre in Sunbury. Operating under the name “W & S Auto Repairs,” we are a team of technicians, which is fully dedicated to the purpose of offering world-class and affordable solutions to each and every problem concerning your vehicle. Whether it’s an AC, steering wheel, gearbox, or the exhaust system, we have knowledge and proficiency, in removing all kinds of defects, and bringing your car back to the drivable condition swiftly.

We have gained customer loyalty due to expertise in many areas including diesel engine, auto electrical, and brake and clutch repairs in Sunbury. If you want a certificate of roadworthiness, we can help you with that as well.