Speaking from the Heart with Dr Gary Wohlman – Melbourne Bayside

Jun 13 Tue 2017

Brighton Hotel

Speaking from the Heart with Dr Gary Wohlman – Melbourne Bayside

Dr Gary will facilitate this unique presentation, awakening refreshing new ways for us to mobilise self-talk that is empowering, nurturing and healing – both with ourselves and in our interactions with others. Through his scenario based, Monty-Python flavoured approach to generating swift breakthroughs in communication, by the end of this presentation you will come away with tangible tools to revitalise your thinking, speaking and actions ~ on all stages of your life.

This is for both beginning speakers and seasoned professionals who wish to refine their skills on stage, be more assertive and feel more confident in communicating clearly with others, and anyone who has a message to share (a story to tell, a poem to recite, a song to sing).

The session will be scenario-based, which means that you will have an opportunity to stage a personal challenge you may be facing in delivering your messages with greater effectiveness and impact. Utilising a combination of the latest findings in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Whole Brain research, and improvisational theatre techniques, you will find that, even in this short session, swift shifts will emerge that you’ll find are easy to sustain and grow.



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