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Are U Ready?

Emergency Resource Portal July 30, 2014

Surviving small business disaster is unique.

This easy to read book provides clear insights into the psychological and emotional impact of disaster as well as a comprehensive, simple to follow and easy to complete series of check-lists, tools and templates to assist business owners to identify and then create realistic plans to mitigate potential threats to their business whether they be the result of natural disasters, man-made disasters like sabotage and robbery or the impact of an accident or illness.

Dr. Rob Gordon Ph.D. Consultant Psychologist in Disaster Recovery says in his foreword…

“This book is based on the authors’ experience of working with more than 1200 businesses affected by the Black Saturday bushfires in 2009 and the Victorian floods in 2011, together with their own experience as small-business proprietors who have faced personal disasters that profoundly affected their enterprises. There could be no better qualifications for alerting others to the need for every business to have a disaster plan and directing attention to the ways in which small-business owners can be adaptive and resilient.

While the book is certainly a manual to guide planning and preparation, more importantly, it is a wakeup call and a consciousness raising based on the hard work and sometimes painful experience of the authors, who have shared their stories and their learning in a frank and generous way. It was rewarding for me to work with them during the Black Saturday recovery and I believe this to be a unique and valuable contribution to arise out of that painful event.

I recommend this book to everyone who runs a small business or any sort of enterprise that is worth protecting from destruction.”

Are U Ready? surviving small business disaster – 2014 Resilient Australia Award State Winner