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Looking for $$$ to grow your business?

Looking for $$$ to grow your business?

Maybe you’re a start up, planning growth or seeking to export – the question is are you looking for $$$ to grow your business? The second question is whether you might be eligible for a piece of the $50 billion (that’s right BILLION) that’s currently on offer through 700+ grants available in Australia right now. For many business […]

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Unfair Contract Terms in Business Contracts

Unfair Contract Terms in Business Contracts (PDF)

Changes to unfair contract terms in business contracts effective from November 12, 2016. This new law will protect small businesses from ‘unfair terms’ in standard form contracts with other businesses. These protections against unfair terms currently exist for consumers, but not for businesses. The new protections will apply to small businesses entering into standard form […]

Farm Debt

Farm Debt (PDF)

Download Farm Debt

The Victorian Small Business Commissioner (VSBC) mediates farm debt disputes under the Farm Debt Mediation Act 2011. The legislation seeks to resolve farm debt disputes efficiently and equitably by requiring a creditor to provide a farmer with the option to mediate before taking possession of property or other enforcement action under a farm mortgage. There […]

Commercial Leases

Commercial Leases (PDF)

Download Commercial Leases

Retail and Commercial Leases disputation are a key focus of work at the Victorian Small Business Commissioners’ office. The attached document provides some insoghts into key points that all businesses should be aware of when entering commercial leases. Further information is available at the website

Small Business & the Competition & Consumer Act

Small Business & the Competition & Consumer Act (PDF)

Download Small Business & the Competition & Consumer Act

The Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (CCA) (formerly the Trade Practices Act 1974) is a national law that governs how all businesses in Australia must deal with their competitors, suppliers and customers. The law is designed to enable all businesses to compete on their merits in a fair and open market, while ensuring consumers are […]

Small Business Scams fact sheet

Small Business Scams fact sheet (PDF)

Download Small Business Scams fact sheet

What you need to know about small business scams Scams targeting small businesses come in various forms—from invoices for advertising or directory listings that were never requested to dubious office supplies that were never ordered. More recently, overpayment scams and dodgy investment opportunities have been added to the mix.

Advertising & Selling guide

Advertising & Selling guide (PDF)

Download Advertising & Selling guide

Advertising and selling guide Most Australian businesses use advertising to promote their goods and services. Whether you advertise through television, radio, the internet or print media, you must ensure that your advertising complies with the Australian Consumer Law.