Fire is a well-known hazard in Australia and thousands of businesses are affected each year. When we think of fire most of us consider bushfires but business owners must also know what to do in case of any fire on their premises. This series of tools aims to inform you about things you need to consider.

Heat Stress

Heat Stress

The effect of heat and heat stress is cumulative on the community, infrastructure and services. A single day of elevated temperature may have an impact and this impact escalates with successive days of similar temperatures. The effects of heat stress can continue for some days after temperatures have abated. Click on this link to receive guidance on […]

Caravan Park Emergency Management Plan

Caravan Park Emergency Management Plan (PDF)

Many caravan parks are built on floodplains, therefore owners, residents and occupiers need to be aware of the potential for their caravan park to flood. SES, in partnership with Victorian emergency management organisations has developed a template to assist Victorian caravan park owners create an emergency management plan (EMP) for their parks. For more information […]

Resource provided by: Victoria State Emergency Service



Understand Insurance is an initiative of the Insurance Council of Australia, the peak body for the general insurance industry and provides practical information to help you find out more about insurance and make decisions that meet your needs. It looks at what insurers do, how insurance products work and why you might need it. It also […]

Preparing a Risk Management Plan

Preparing a Risk Management Plan

These FREE resources are provided to assist with preparing a risk management plan.  A step-by-step guide for preparing a Business Risk or Continuity Plan provided by Business Victoria – access via this link This checklist also aims to help you plan for emergencies and protect your business, and develop your action plan against emergencies – […]

Resource provided by: Small Business Victoria

Workplace Emergency – Management Manual

Workplace Emergency – Management Manual (PDF)

The Workplace Emergency Management Manual is a self-help tool that assists workplaces with planning and preparing for emergencies using a risk based approach. This tool was developed by the Metropolitan Fire Brigade and has been adopted by a wide range of businesses. The WEMM has been developed by the Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board […]

Resource provided by: Melbourne Fire Brigade

Are U Ready?

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This easy to read book provides clear insights into the psychological and emotional impact of disaster as well as a comprehensive, simple to follow and easy to complete series of check-lists, tools and templates to assist business owners to identify and then create realistic plans to mitigate potential threats to their business whether they be […]

Resource provided by: Are U Ready?