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Serial entrepreneur Dan Norris built a million dollar recurring income in 2-years then sold it to GoDaddy

Serial entrepreneur Dan Norris built a million dollar recurring income in 2-years then sold it to GoDaddy

  • On August 16, 2017
  • Black Hops Brewery, Client Follow Up Idea, Dan Norris, marketing podcast, Marketing tips, SBBM, tim reid

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In 2013 Dan Norris was two weeks away from unemployment following 8 straight years of business failure. The following week and with no funding, he launched an idea that within 2 years was a million dollar recurring income business, that was quickly snapped up by GoDaddy. He ‘s now on to his next venture and having a ball. In episode 377 of The Small Business Big Marketing Show, we find out how he’s done it.

Dan endured 8 straight years of failure before selling his first successful business to GoDaddy for an undisclosed sum in 2016.

Instead of finding the nearest hammock and enjoying his new found wealth, he’s now having a ball building Black Hops, a boutique brewery on the Gold Coast.

One thing you’ll quickly pick up about Dan is Instead of messing around validating the plethora of ideas he has, he simply goes ahead and launches, making decisions based on real time information from real customers to build real businesses.

But the marketing gold doesn’t stop there:

  • Resident techspert Dale Beaumont from 52 Ways has an idea that will save you hours each week
  • I share another low cost marketing idea that should get you a sale … today!
  • And we go back into the vault, revisiting an episode in which my guest was so superficial I wanted to throw up!

Here’s what caught my attention from chatting with Black Hops Brewery’s Dan Norris:

  1. Dan’s entrepreneurial spirit
  2. I thought it was interesting that Dan regrets, and didn’t learn anything from,
    his 8 years of failure
  3. His respect for the power of creating helpful content (if you want to know how to create it then graba  copy of my marketing book, The Boomerang Effect)

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