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This world-first healthcare membership model puts an end to charging by the hour

This world-first healthcare membership model puts an end to charging by the hour

  • On June 13, 2019
  • Brisbane Natural Health, How to avoid charging by the hour, Katherine Maslen, marketing podcast, Marketing tips, Shift, Small Business Big Marketing, tim reid

Naturopath Katherine Maslen decided that charging by the hour had hairs on it … so, she bravely launched the world’s first natural healthcare membership model. Did it get a few existing clients’ noses out of joint? Yes! Would she do it all again? Hell yeah!


A little bit more about Shift’s Katherine Maslen

Katherine Maslen is a naturopath, nutritionist, author, mother, podcast host and founder of Shift, where her and her team work with people to help them make shifts in their health and their life. She owns Shift Brisbane, her flagship clinic where she has a team of 15, Shift Rockhampton, her regional Queensland clinic and Shift Anywhere, her virtual membership business.


So strap in as Katherine shares:

  • A very personal story about why she became a Naturopath
  • The trials and tribulations of launching the business
  • Those moments of acceleration when the business really took off
  • Why she went from charging by the hour to a monthly membership model
  • How she’s built a strong personal brand in her chosen niche using podcasting, self-publishing, blogging, keynote speaking
  • Plus plenty more business and marketing insights …



Here’s what caught my attention from my chat with naturopath Katherine Maslen:

  1. I love her move to the monthly Membership-based model. Not only does it provide surety of income, it gives patients a clear pathway to access the modalities they need.
  2. I love the fact that there are a limited number of memberships, creating a sense of scarcity and something special.
  3. I love how the Membership model encourages Katherine and her team to add additional layers to the customer experience including a multitude of workshops, parties, even a private Facebook group.


Katherine Maslen Interview Transcription


Katherine Maslen welcome finally to the small business big marketing show.


Thank you so much for having me.


Awesome. A fellow podcaster. Now I want to start off by asking why did you become a naturopath in the first place. Cause sounds like a pretty interesting story to me.

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Resources mentioned:


“I’m like a butterfly about to break out of its cocoon and it friggin hurts and it’s uncomfortable. But I can see really good things will come out of this (brand refresh) and I can see that happening already.”
– Katherine Maslen,


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