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Ethical butcher, Sam Canning, used to [...]

Ethical butcher, Sam Canning, used to be a vegetarian … Now he runs six fancy butcher shops in Melbourne’s most affluent suburbs

Ethical butcher, Sam Canning, used to be a vegetarian … Now he runs six fancy butcher shops in Melbourne’s most affluent suburbs

  • On November 4, 2018
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Sam Canning used to be a vegetarian. Now he’s one of Australia’s leading ethical butchers, running six very fancy butchers shops in Melbourne’s most affluent suburbs. His experience in ‘paddock-to-plate’ butcher-shops in the UK inspired him to open his first shop here in Australia – with a focus on animal welfare. In 2010, the first Cannings Butcher Shop was opened in the leafy Melbourne suburb of Hawthorn. Now Sam has 6 shops (and let me tell ya, they’re not your average butcher’s shop) and he’s in the process of opening up two more. This rapid growth hasn’t come without some pain which Sam openly talks about, plus he shares how he’s gone about cleverly disrupting a very stayed industry.



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Sam also shares:

  • Why he became a carnivore
  • The best marketing they do to attract and retain more clients
  • His real estate strategy
  • Why he’s chosen one word to cover all aspects of the Cannings business
  • How he’s managed the rapid growth since opening on 2010
  • The hardest part of running six butcher’s shops
  • And much, much more.


Here’s what caught my attention from my chat with Sam Canning:

  1. I love that Sam’s challenging a very old and stayed industry
  2. Cannings use of SMS marketing is clever
  3. The fact that they’re documenting all systems and processes is also a smart thing to do before the business gets too big


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