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Sub-mariner now retailer Peter Wells on [...]

Sub-mariner now retailer Peter Wells on building an iconic local business

Sub-mariner now retailer Peter Wells on building an iconic local business

  • On December 5, 2018
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Peter Wells is the reason I do this show. Not him personally … but the type of person and business owner that he is, having steadily taken a small fishing tackle store from $660,000 in year one to its current $5M turnover after 9-years. Join me as he shares exactly how he’s done it.


It’s people like Peter Wells that inspire me to continue doing this show after almost 10 years. A small business owner, with an interesting story, who’s never been in the limelight and who’s effectively using some form of marketing to grow their business. Peter used to work on submarines … now he owns Davo’s Fishing & Tackle – a simple bricks and mortar business he bought 9-years ago – that now has three stores on Australia’s beautiful Sunshine Coast. He’s big on customer service, has a hunger for figuring out how retail works, is a lifelong student of personal development and has some great learnings (and stories) from his past life as a submariner.  But this is not one of those chats where everything falls into place … as Pete (and his son) come to grips with how to transition in to the eCommerce space.


In episode 440 of your favourite marketing podcast, Peter reveals:

  • Why he sold a logistics business to buy a little fishing and tackle shop
  • How he stays ahead of retail trends
  • Why it took him so long to start an eCommerce store
  • What he learnt from being a submariner
  • The importance of working closely with suppliers
  • The best marketing he does to attract and retail customers
  • And plenty more …


Resources mentioned:


Here’s Yellow’s Do More Business Video Series (Episode 1) that I hosted


Jingle of the Week – Banana Boat

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