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This side hustle now turns over [...]

This side hustle now turns over $10M, with TinyMe’s Mike Wilson.

  • On April 25, 2017
  • email signature best practice, how to remember passwords, Marketing tips, Mike Wilson, Successful Side Hustle, TinyMe

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Hands up who’s got a side hustle. Keep your hand up if you’d like your side hustle to turn into a multi-million dollar business. And keep your hand up if you’re doing something about it. Today’s guest acted on his successful side hustle and it’s now turning over close to ten million bucks a year.

Mike Wilson is the Founder of TinyMe, which he calls “the world’s cutest and bestest online shop of personalised products for kids”. Cute it maybe, but TinyMe is now generating some serious income, employs 65 staff in the peak seasons, and does 95% of it’s manufacturing in Australia. Unheard of!

My Top 3 Attention Grabbers From My Chat With TinyMe’s Mike Wilson were:

  1. Personalisation. This is just going to become a bigger and bigger part of doing business. Be sure to take a moment to think about what you can personalise in your business – everything from your email marketing to product design to your invoicing.
  2. Get a side hustle. Mike had a few before TinyMe took off. I’ve got some Members of The Small Business Big Marketing Club who have side hustles generating a couple of grand a month.
  3. Mike’s obsessions with systems. This is an area that I’ve avoided pretty much forever. However, just in the last few week’s I’ve had my Marketing VA document all the things I do in my business, literally step-by-step, and upload them to SystemHUB, which is basically a place in the cloud where you can keep all your processes, systems and SOPs.

But the marketing gold doesn’t stop there, you’ll also discover:

  • How you can confidently forget all your passwords except one
  • How to turn your email signature into a sales machine
  • How an ascending transaction model is the key to selling high-priced items

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