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Successful business owners – what they [...]

Successful business owners – what they have in common!

  • Posted by David Gregory

All  successful business owners I‘ve met has a few things in commonSuccessful business owners celebrate

Are you serious about being a success in YOUR business? Then take a leaf out of the book of those who are already successful.

It’s amazing how the most successful business owners have the most time to live the life they choose.

Seven common traits of successful business owners!

First – Owners have a clear picture of what they intend to achieve.

Second – They determine the ethics of HOW they will operate and are clear that ‘THIS is the way we do business HERE’.

Third – They create an overall plan of how they are going to get to wherever they choose to be. The best plans are ALWAYS directional (in that it points the way) AND flexible (in that it allows for adjustments to changing conditions).

Fourth – They continuously promote their business to potential AND existing clients because they understand Clients do leave the business over time and they need to keep attracting new Clients if they are to stay in business for the long term.

Fifth – They show appreciation for Clients choosing to do business with them. Think about those sincere little niceties businesses may have done for you and how much you appreciated them – how do you think your clients will feel if you do it to them?

Sixth – They continuously educate themselves in best practice business skills. They know learning new business skills help them stay efficient.

Seventh – They use specialists in areas that they are unskilled – they call in appropriate ‘experts’ when needed because they realise the cost of an expert is usually a lot less than the cost of the stress generated and time wasted when attempting to do the task themselves.

Create habits that lead to business success!

Business Success is rarely about luck rather successful business owners consistently do things that others overlook or ignore!

These success behaviours become habits, which they perform on a regular basis.

Successful business owners are also never satisfied with the status quo – even when things are going really well, they ask how can it be changed or improved

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Anthony M Turner – Small Business Mentor/ Coach