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Vikki Malmberg – Small Business success story

  • On October 13, 2015

Vikki Malmberg “The Small Business Queen” helps small business to grow and helps big business understand small business. Over the past 15 years she has founded, purchased, duplicated and expanded her businesses and enjoyed expansion internationally.

Having worked in across multiple sectors, including Print, Web, Software, IT and Fitness: Vikki has experienced everything business owners go through, excitement, fear, panic and loss as well as the positives of success, joy and achievement. She understands the importance of every business being armed with the right systems and knowledge. This prompting Vikki to collate her own proven systems and strategies for others to use and leverage from; affectionately known as “The Winning Hand in Business”

Vikki’s love and passion for business began to shine as she made the transition from sales rep to Founder and Director of a Consumable Supply company, through which she grew, and complemented through the purchase of a Print and Design business. Vikki’s business success and acumen, has cascaded into multiple business ventures including the creation of Core 5; a web based booking and training facility, pivotal to the procurement of the Ansett Aviation Training booking system; and served as a springboard to the Active Carrot Project; conceived by a group of industry professionals, who identified the need to motivate individuals and families to sustain their health and fitness activities.

Throughout Vikki’s illustrious business career, she has taken much joy and personal satisfaction in achieving recognition as a finalist in the 2009 My Business Awards in the category of Best Retailer, for her ability to have increased the sales by 161% the bottom line profits by 53% in 3 months; in the recently purchased Print and Design business, of which had been in operation for over 15 years, prior to takeover. Further, through the application of the “Winning Hand in Business” methods, the Print and Design business, has been duplicated at a second location, and later sold. The primary business has maintained handsome profits, whilst halving staffing levels, due to the implementation of more efficient business systems.

It is through the implementation of such systems that has allowed Vikki the freedom to pursue other business avenues, including the completion of her Real Estate – REIV qualification enabling her to practice as a certified Business Broker, performing duties encompassing; Business Brokerage, Negotiations, Mergers and Acquisitions, Buyer Representation and Sales Management.

Vikki now works daily with business owners to help them grow their businesses, increase their bottom lines and work fewer hours. She understands how challenging it can be to grow your business successfully and has the unique ability to identify how “The Winning Hand in Business” can benefit an organisation and is passionate about educating clients on how to improve their current systems or processes. She often  works with companies who simply don’t realise there is a better way of doing things.With the day-to-day operational issues and firefighting, usually the strategic planning, sales and marketing that you truly need to grow your business taking a back seat.