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Janet DeNeefe’s Midas touch has enabled her to grow a business empire she loves on the beautiful island of Bali

Janet DeNeefe’s Midas touch has enabled her to grow a business empire she loves on the beautiful island of Bali

  • On February 7, 2019
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Australian Janet DeNeefe met a Balinese man in 1984, and with very little thought, moved to the charming Balinese hillside town of Ubud and threw herself into a new life. She had no plan (she never does as you’re about to find out!) … she just knew she was in love.

Back then, ducks and cows wandered down the main road and telephones were a luxury. That was 35 years ago.

Since then, she’s given birth to four children and numerous businesses … all of which have blossomed.

This is a story of a highly creative business woman who doesn’t care for planning, isn’t scared to have an idea and quickly get it to market … and whose Midas touch seems to turn everything to gold.


Janet also shares:

  • How she launched her first business in Bali
  • What role her creativity plays in launching and running each business
  • Why she started the Ubud Reader’s & Writer’s Festival and the Ubud Food Festival
  • What role marketing plays in each of her businesses
  • How she manages the family dynamics of working with her husband and now sons
  • And plenty more …



Here’s what caught my attention from my chat with Janet DeNeefe:

  1. Sometimes the idea of moving location to start a business or re-energise an existing business isn’t a bad idea. That doesn’t necessarily mean moving overseas! … it could just be moving down the road in to a new space.
  2. I love how Janet’s operating in a variety of different categories – from food, to tourism to homewares. I know there’s a school of thought that says do one thing well; however, if you have another business idea that you’d love to launch, then maybe take some inspiration from how Janet goes about things.
  3. I love any business that gives back to the local community. Janet starting the Ubud Readers & Writers Festival following the Bali bombings is a great example of a business with a strong social conscience.


Janet DeNeefe Interview Transcription

What you loves about doing business in Ubud in 2019.

I think in Ubud anyway pretty well anything is possible. And the beauty of Indonesia is you don’t have a lot of rules and regulations so you can sort of start tuning over an idea and actually create that without having to worry about you know filling out forms or paying tax on it or something like that. And I think also it’s just a hugely creative environment.

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