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How one simple marketing idea doubled [...]

How one simple marketing idea doubled Melissa Westcott’s Big On Shoes business in just 12-months

How one simple marketing idea doubled Melissa Westcott’s Big On Shoes business in just 12-months

  • On June 28, 2017
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Melissa Westcott founded Big On Shoes, Australia’s home to plus-sized fashion shoes.

What’s of particular interest is she applied one simple marketing idea that doubled her business in the past 12-months. It’s an idea that you could implement in a heartbeat. In fact, if you’re not doing it already, you’re very naughty!

I was introduced to Melissa from past guest and digital nomad, Mark Phillips from Business in Bare Feet. Hitting me up on Facebook Messenger (isn’t that happening more often?!) he said:

Hey Timbo. Let me introduce you to Melissa Westcott from BigOnShoes. At a function today she was telling me how she loves your show. Yet she in her own right is an amazing startup. From her kitchen table in Moranbah in central Queensland, she set up an online shoe store for ‘ladies’ with large feet. Today she’s one of the world’s largest suppliers of womens’ shoes to the global transvestite & sex-change market! Go figure. She’s doubled her business lately from one of your podcasts! Let me know if you’d like to interview her & I’ll set up an intro.

Damn right I’d like an interview! And that’s what you’re about to listen to … plus, in episode 370 of Australia’s best marketing podcast I’ll:

  • Show you how to get more online love for your business
  • Share some big news about upcoming guests
  • Divulge a marketing problem that I can’t solve
  • Go back into the vault, revisiting a rather inspiring past episode

Here’s what caught my attention from chatting with Melissa Westcott of Big On Shoes:

  1. Get back to your purpose. This one’s hard to argue given it doubled Melissa’s business over the past 12-months. So … if you find yourself trying to be everything to everyone, then maybe it’s time to stop, refocus and figure out why you started your business in the first place, what was that big issue your clients have that you solve so well.
  2. Get clear on your customer’s’ objections. Then, one by one, create marketing and improvements to your overall offering that address them head on. If your customers have no objections, then all they can really do is well … buy from you!
  3. Track your numbers. Now I’ll be the first to admit that this one’s not my strong suit. However, it clearly works – I’ve spoken to way too many successful business owners who do this. So, if numbers aren’t your thing, then find someone who loves them (your accountant, a coach, a staff member) and get them to set up a dashboard for you that you can track on at least a weekly basis. That dashboard may include sales, email open rates, database sign ups, new clients, Google rankings  … whatever numbers mean the most to you.

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